The Best SARMS To Buy in 2019: Complete Guide

The Best SARMS To Buy in 2019: Complete Guide

Last updated on January 11th, 2019 at 05:36 am

Why should you buy SARMS?

Ever looked at the scale and felt resigned about the fact that even with all of the gym work, diet control and supplements, you’re just not losing weight and or fat as fast as you want to? It’s obvious that a lot of people trying to lose weight, fitness enthusiasts and athletes have felt this way at some point in their fitness journeys. All the calorie count, keeping a check on the macros, going through a rigorous exercise schedule and handling life can get very stressful.

Many turn to look for quick results in steroids and fall prey to the life-threatening side effects they have. Add the hype around SARMs to this mix, and it gets people wondering if SARMs are the answer to all their questions. Just like looking at the various aspects of anything a person plans on investing a good fortune over, it is necessary to look at all the aspects of something you plan on investing as a medium to fitness and health. Here’s a beginner’s guide that explains the various aspects of SARMs.

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What are SARMS exactly?

SARMS or selective androgen receptor modulators were first developed in 1998 created for bone regeneration. Since 1998 a surprising amount of relevant information on SARMS has come to light. I feel the research has only limited the possibilities that selective androgen receptor modulators could have to offer as an anabolic steroid replacement. Discoveries such as the ability to help grow muscle tissues while burning fat like a fast acting performance enhancer.

However as time has gone on and human trials on different types of SARMS, has shown a wide clinical use as replacement for anabolic steroids. Studies have found that SARMS helps provide the opportunity to change molecules, designed to be delivered orally. This selectively targets androgen receptors in different tissues. Depending on the type of selective androgen receptor modulator decides the tissues it effects. For instance, there are selective androgen receptor modulator specifically for building muscle, and others that are specifically for leaning out fat in the body.

Tissues targeted form results similar to testosterone without a lot of the side effects seen in testosterone. Big advantage notices in taking SARMS orally were no signs of liver damage like those you could potentially from taking anabolic steroids.

Although there is a lot of hype about SARMS and its ability to a form of steroid replacement. It has since 2008, been banned from the Olympics, and professional sports for being performance enhancing. However, it is commonly found for athletic bodybuilders to use SARMS for research purposes. Selective androgen receptor modulators has far more selective results on muscle tissue than anabolic steroids, boasting ratios of androgenic to anabolic at 3:1, and rising as high as 90:1. These ratios would predict a lot of muscle growth and advanced fat reduction.

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How do SARMs work?

SARMs are still not acknowledged supplements and therefore are still research-drugs. Competing athletes are not permitted to use these drugs since they are a part of the World Anti-Doping Agency’s list of banned substances for athletic competition.

The difference between SARMs and steroids is that they’re very selective compared to steroids and have a 3:1 ratio that goes up to 90:1 of a transfer from anabolic to androgenic. This means you can attain muscle growth and lose fat but SARMs will not end up giving the consumer side effects such as excessive facial hair and or man boobs. Since they are still under research drugs, you can buy them legally for research purposes. With that said, there a lot of SARMs that are in clinical research or a pre-clinical trial.

On the other hand, using anabolic steroids to enhance or boot your hormones is like trying to hit a nail into the wall with a bulldozer. It basically increases the amount of testosterone in your system and therefore has extreme side effects while it builds muscle and burns fat. While doing this, steroids affect the consumer’s liver, heart, prostate, sex organs, and secondary sex characters. This implies that while it will help the body build muscle and shed fat, it will change biological functions equally and usually more often than not in a dangerous way.

The characteristics of SARMs make them a non-steroidal drug that solely focuses on muscle building and fat loss without making other changes in the body. Moreover, the SARMs, on research has shown that they do not convert into the 5-a enzyme that converts testosterone into DHT that causes many unwanted side effects related to steroid use.

What are the Benefits of using SARMs?

To start off explaining the benefits of consuming SARMs, the major benefit of using a SARM instead of anabolic steroids, the SARMs don’t interrupt the rest of the functions of the body (anabolic). The exclusivity in selection shows that SARMs only work on muscle gain and fat shedding.

SARMs were initially developed to help people with medical issues like for cancer patients who experience muscle reduction due to chemotherapy and radiation.

They are non-toxic and therefore do not harm the liver as other steroids do. Along with that, it does not cause any kind of bone loss or bone wastage instead it aids bone tissue increase and muscle growth. It also does not have any kind of traces of potential prostate issues. On the upside, SARMs keeps the consumer’s sexual energy up.

Different types of Sarms

There are 8 types of selective androgen receptor modulators that seem to be the most popular.

Since these substances are modulators, it is obvious that there are going to be a few types to them. Here are listed some of the more popular ones. These include both pre and post clinical SARMs.

    1. RAD140– This SARM is considered as one of the most powerful of all the researched and made SARMs. The anabolic to androgenic ratio of the research drug is as high as 90:1 which means that this product is least likely to produce any negative androgenic side effects that are commonly linked with anabolic steroids. Since it is new in the market, it is difficult to gather enough information on the possible side effects of using it.

    1. LGD 4033– This SARM is similar to Ostarine but takes a lot less dosage and is very powerful compared to the former supplement. One thing to remember with this SARM is that it is possible that this supplement might suppress the system responsible for the reproductive functions in the body. Stacking this SARM with SERM is a good way to avoid any danger to the reproductive system of the body.

    1. Ostarine– compared to the rest of the SARMs even though they are powerful, Ostarine is the most popular of them. This is basically the SARM that you first hear of before knowing of the others. This supplement is used for those who have an issue with calorie deficiency. It helps them to build and preserve muscle mass. But like mentioned earlier, this supplement is also advised to be taken as a stack with SERM to take care of any kind of possible suppression in the production of testosterone.

    1. Andarine (S-4, GTx-007)- This SARM is a nonsteroidal supplement that can be consumed orally as well. It was found through research that this SARM stimulated the anabolic systems more than the androgenic systems. This SARM is usually used in the fat loss phase of a fitness regime since it decreases the LPL and increases muscle mass in some users. Therefore, while it aids in losing fat, it does not shed away muscle mass like other anabolic and non-anabolic steroids do.

    1. BMS-564,929- this SARM is another supplement that can be consumed orally and was initially developed to aid in age-related functional issues. This SARM when on research showed that it does not affect the prostrate and or the aromatase and seems to work way far better than testosterone while considering muscle growth.

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    1. AC-262,356- While on research, this SARM presented that it has the capabilities to increase muscle mass and regulate particular hormones in both men and women. It also decreased the levels of LH. Other than that, it is 66% as strong as testosterone and has a 27% potency while acting as an androgen.

    1. Ibutamoren -MK677
  1. Stenabolic SR9009

All of these have slightly different effects so having someone help guide you into the right product and or (stack) for you is important. Its good to know what dosages of these products should be researched at one time for proper results. Also knowing about brands you can trust or possibly manage to dodge. There are many fake and or knock-off products out there having people reviewing new products all the time can be a major asset to avoid getting scammed.

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After considering everything covered earlier in the article, coming to a firm decision is difficult. SARM’s safety is a subjective issue. To say that it has side effects is not wrong, but it isn’t right to say anything without proper proof. For the patients who are going through muscle mass loss can try SARMs to increase their muscle mass. For those who want to try it out for their fitness routine, choosing the SARM that fits your needs is the most important thing to do. Taking such supplements that are yet not approved officially is a concern of health. So it is necessary to always be sure about what supplement fits you size right.

While the side effects are next to none and or are yet to be known to man, it is important to note that SARMs might possibly have long-term side effects. Researchers are trying to figure out the various possible ways to understand the long-term side effects of consuming.

How to buy SARMs?

It is not an unknown fact to everyone that it is obvious that marketers and seller alike will have their ways of selling something. And sometimes, you might end up with the wrong product, and or with a fake. Since the investment is made upon life, it is very necessary that the person spending their fortune on a supplement should read through everything carefully. And since it is still a research medicine, it is difficult to get the authentic stuff.

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