Where to Buy Sarms in the US? The Complete Guide

Where to Buy Sarms in the US? The Complete Guide

Last updated on July 26th, 2021 at 12:14 pm

How to Buy SARMS

SARM is the acronym for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator. It is a sort of a synthetic drug that is quite similar to anabolic steroids. This steroid-like substance works on the bone and muscle cells and is regularly used for their growth the development. However, there are a few things that are different when compared to regular steroids. This, in other words, means that it could be useful for developing bone and muscles rapidly without having unwanted growth in other parts of the body. They are often used by bodybuilders, weightlifters, wrestlers, athletes and others who need a bulky muscle mass for their specific activities.

There are many brands of SARMs and therefore it is quite common for many of us to ask the question where to buy SARMs. We will try and find answers for the same and also have an understanding of this substance and the various pros and cons associated with it. We believe that it will be helpful in offering a reasonably good insight into the various uses of this substance and also have the right perspective about it.

SARMs do not have approval for medical use and therefore most pharmaceutical marketers have not been able to give any specific brand name to it. As of now SARMs are sold mostly as research chemicals and are supposed to be used only for scientific use. But they are used indiscreetly on human beings and therefore it does have quite a bit of controversy surrounding it. It would, therefore, be interesting to know as to how this drug works. But before doing so, we need to have a look at the physiology of hormones.

Getting the right definition for this question is quite tough. Put in simple language, hormones are considered to be chemical messengers and the body makes use of the various hormones to communicate with cells. It could be similar to outgoing emails or bits and pieces of instructions. They are sent across to reach the cells which could be considered as mailboxes (hormone receptors). When the instructions reach the hormone receptors the commands contained therein are carried out. There are many types of hormones and a common example is androgens. This hormone helps to give a man his manly characteristics. This includes facial and body hair, more pronounced muscle growth, lower levels of body fat levels and so on. There are different types of androgens and testosterone is the most popular one.

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Androgens impact the body in three different ways. Firstly, they bind the cells to the androgen receptors. Secondly, they convert DHT hormone (dihydrotestosterone) and they help it to bind to the various androgen receptors. Thirdly, they also help to convert the estradiol hormone (estrogen) and bind them to a different category of receptors known as estrogen receptors.

Under normal situations, the body manages and regulates androgen production quite carefully. It uses a highly developed and sensitive feedback mechanics and prevents imbalances. However, when extra anabolic steroids are introduced into the body, the cells become overwhelmed with androgens and the receptors become saturated with it. When this happens a powerful message is sent to all the cells that are in listening mode. This mainly happens with muscle cells and they begin to grow rapidly in response to such communications. This is what SARM all about from a common man’s perspective. This leads to the rapid building of muscles and bones but it does not impact other muscles leading to abnormal growth.

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The above information sounds very good for weightlifters and bodybuilders, but there are some downsides to it too. There are quite a few side effects with the use of common androgens found in the market. While some are mild and reversible, there are a few which could be irreversible and it could lead to permanent damage. There have been instances of atrophy or shrinking of the testicles. Further many men have reported cysts, acne, oily skin and hair and increased blood pressure. The levels of bad or LDL cholesterols may also increase significantly. Many men also have complained about reduced sperm count and increased aggression. Other possible side effects could include heart dysfunction, male-pattern baldness, gynecomastia or increased breast size and also various types of heart diseases.

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What Is The Way Forward?

Though synthetic androgens are capable of a rapid building of bones and muscles, wrestlers and bodybuilders are apprehensive of using it because of the side effects mentioned above. Hence, researchers and scientists believe that SARM could be the right answer to this problem. There are many reasons for the same. To begin with, SARM is a non-steroidal drug. It, however, does stimulate the androgen receptors but the impact is restricted only to the bone and muscle cells. It does not impact other cells of the body. On the other hand, when a man is put on an anabolic steroid for long periods of time, his system is literally carpet-bombed. Though it might get the job done, it is quite sloppy and it does lead to irreversible collateral-damage in most of the cases.

How Do SARM Work?

There are two major ways in which SARM actually works on the ground.

It has a special liking or affinity for certain tissues of the bone and the muscles. It seemingly does not have any love lost for other cellular structures like the brain, liver, and prostate. Further, SARM does not break down into small and unwanted molecules which often are the main reasons for side effects as mentioned earlier. This is a big problem with conventional androgenic steroids like estrogen and DHT.

The second point about SARM is quite significant. SARM cannot be easily converted into an enzyme called 5-a Reductase. This leads to the conversion of testosterone into DHT which is the main reason for various avoidable side-effects of steroid usage. SARM is also less powerful than conventional steroids. They do not inhibit or suppress natural production of testosterone and therefore recovery process is easier.

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Do Sarms Have Any Medical Use?

Though SARMs might be used now by, bodybuilders, wrestlers, and short distance runners, they do have some medicinal properties too. SARM was first developed for the purpose of treating diseases which led to muscle wasting and also for fighting osteoporosis, chronic fatigue and anemia.

Why Athletes Like SARM?

Weightlifters in particular use SARM because it seemingly helps them to get their feet with a safe anabolic drug before they go into their traditional steroid cycles. It could perhaps help in improving the efficiency of steroid cycles without leading to side effects or various health risks. It also is known to be useful in retaining lean mass and also reducing water retention which is a bane with conventional anabolic steroids.

Does SARM Work Efficiently?

Research has shown that SARM is not as powerful as the traditional steroid for muscle building. However, they are considered to be safer when one compares to other options like creatine. Further, sports personalities like it because it is not easy to detect SARM in drug testing.

Are There Downsides?

We have looked at the positives of SARM. However, it would be wrong to believe that it is all good and there is nothing wrong about it. First and foremost SARM is a relatively new product and has been around only for a few decades. It is backed by very little research. However, there is no denying the fact that firms like DRS Labs and Samspharm have been marketing it online. They are also different from peptides. In view of insufficient information, nothing much is known regarding the long-term effects of SARM and this certainly is a big cause for concern.

It Is Mostly Available Online

Further, almost all forms of SARM which are used are available only on the internet. These are technically grey-market products because they are not sold under prescription nor are they approved by FDA and other such agencies. Hence, one has to ensure care and caution to avoid buying something that is inferior in quality because it is bound to be a risky and even damaging decision. It would always be better to buy SARM only from renowned sources and companies who are ready to own up to the quality and composition which they are supplying to customers.

Some Possible Side Effects

  • SARM could temporarily blunt and impede the production of testosterone in the body.
  • Since SARM is usually taken in large doses, it could lead to various side effects like hair loss and acne related issues.
  • The levels of testosterone production could fall down drastically. Once it happens, it is quite possible that the deficiency may persist in the body for years even after you have stopped taking SARMs.

The Final Word on Buying Sarms

However, there is no denying the fact that weightlifters, bodybuilders, and other athletes need to have the right lean muscle mass to do well and excel in their respective sporting activities. They have no option but to fall back on anabolic and other steroids to achieve the desired muscle and bone mass. Amongst the many options that are available now, there are reasons to believe that SARM could be one of the best choices. However, as mentioned earlier, these are still early days and quite a bit of research are needed before the actual efficacy and safety of this drug can be established beyond doubt. Till then, it would be prudent to exercise caution and act accordingly. Before answering the question where to buy SARMs, the benefits versus risks should be carefully evaluated.

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