The 5 Best Sarms Suppliers You Should Know About

The 5 Best Sarms Suppliers You Should Know About

What are the Best Sarms Suppliers

Selective androgen receptor modulators also popularly known as SARMs are a category of androgen receptor ligands. They usually have a similar effect as androgenic drugs but SARMs offer a more specific result. This features allows SARMs to be used for relatively more purposes other than the general purposes of anabolic steroids.

They can be easily bought online from different suppliers spread across a lot of platforms. SARMs typically provide the capability of designing molecules which can be orally delivered. They specifically target all the androgen receptors in the tissues differently. SARMs are also often compared with testosterone and the tissues respond in the way as they would respond to testosterone. The best SARMs suppliers offer SARMs that are highly effective and shows great results.

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Not all the SARMs can be truly selective for producing the anabolic effects in the bone and muscle tissues without the production of anabolic effects in the tissues of the body. However, some SARMs work great when taken in proper doses and when bought from a good supplier. SARMs work differently for men and women. When taken by women, it would stimulate bone libido or bone retention or any other function that androgens could influence.

On the other hand, SARMs taken by men are for targeting muscle and bone tissues. There are many SARMs suppliers in USA but there are top 5 suppliers that are known to the best SARMs suppliers. The top 5 SARMs suppliers in USA are:

1.Proven Peptides

Proven Peptides is one such company which specializes in the field of SARMs. They offer a list of products that works really well making it one of the best SARMs suppliers in USA. Proven Peptides is a reputed American-based company that produces and sells high-quality SARMs and the hormonal supplements that they sell are all made in the USA. Their products can be used for a number of health benefits like increasing muscle mass, helping in weight loss and injury healing, improving the body’s immune system effectively and many others. However, the use of some products may lead to side effects and hence one has to be very careful about its use. Proven Peptides ensures adulterated and pure SARMs to its customers and clients by third-party testing of each of their SARMs batches.

According to the company, Ostarine which is also named as MK-2866 is one of the SARMs products that is researched the most. This product is absolutely non-steroidal and has got many health benefits. It helps in the growth of muscles and helps in strengthening the tendon, muscles, and bones. There are other products such as YK-11, Stenabolic, Ligandrol and Cardarine that are among the best-sellers offered by this company. Besides being actively used for enhancing performance, these products also have medical uses.

Pricing and Shipping Policy

  • The company has a free shipping policy on all orders that cost above $99. Also, they usually have some more offers where products are sold with free shipping when they cost even below $99.
  • The best seller Ligandrol has a price ranging from $39.99 to $99.99. GW-501516, that is also called as Cardarine has the same price range as Ligandrol. Testolone, Andarine, Stenabolic and YK-11 are sold at a relatively higher rate starting at $44.99 and ranging up to $139.99.
  • The prices of other products offered by them range around $40.99 to $140.99.
  • They have a handling period of around one business day for every order placed and cleared with a credit card. If you order a product and pay immediately through a credit card, it will be shipped out in less than one business day.
  • If you placed an order through eCheck, then the company takes approximately three days as the handling period. They claim that is because it takes a while to check if the payment is actually cleared. It takes a different amount of time to ship out orders that were placed with different payment methods.
  • They currently ship via USPS First only and sometimes USPS Priority. However, they do not guarantee the order to be delivered on the exact same day as mentioned because there might be delays due to customs and international orders issues.


  1. Third-party testing: Proven Peptides gets all the batches of the produced SARMs tested by a third party which ensures high quality and better results. All the products have third party analysis certificates.
  2. Good customer service: They have excellent customer services that are readily available on all working days which is supposed to be the main feature of all the best SARMs suppliers. One can easily call them up or contact them through the mail in case of queries that will then be answered quickly.
  3. Peptides points: One of the top advantages of buying SARMs from this company is that they give you Peptide points on every purchase. You can redeem a price of $1 on every 10 points.
  4. Free shipping: There is free shipping provided on orders above $99 which is also one of the biggest advantages as you can save a lot on the overall price of the products.
  5. Reasonable rates: The prices are quite reasonable when compared with the results given by the products.


  1. Mild suppression: Some of the company’s products can cause a mild suppression in the testosterone hormone of the body.
  2. Increase in appetite: Nutrabol, one of the company’s best sellers can increase your appetite and ultimately lead to weight gain.
  3. No debit cards accepted for payments.

The verdict:

According to customer reviews, the results after using the products of Proven Peptides are great and are always consistent. When the question is about finding safe and high-quality SARMs, there are only few competitors that can match up with their level. Customers have been highly satisfied with the affordable prices, the results that can be clearly seen, quick shipping and the efficiency of the company making it one of the best SARMs suppliers. With the Peptide points and coupons, it makes it wiser to buy from them.

Visit Proven Peptides' Website

2. Science Bio ( former IRC.BIO)

In November 2018 IRC.BIO had to close down due to federal regulations. The company was considered as the #1 SARMS company in the USA at that time. They were famous for their very high quality of SARMS and customer service. Luckily, this company rebranded in July 2019 to Science Bio and now they are back in business. The company still had the same team on board so the quality of their products is still the same as before.

Science Bio believes in three major principles. The first one is to always put the customers first and tend to their needs and requirements. The second one is to offer SARMs with the highest quality in the market and which has the highest pharmaceutical grades. The third one is to always stand behind their products which include efficient and quick services and a good customer care system. They are one of the largest and the best SARMs suppliers in the USA. Their featured products include the Cardarine capsules, Cardarine Suspension, Ligandrol Suspension, and the Ligandrol capsules.

Pricing and Shipping Policy:

  • The prices of the SARM capsules sold by them range from $65.
  • If you live in the USA you will get all your orders shipped without any shipping fees being charged as the company offers free shipping on all the USA orders. Domestic orders take around 3-5 business days to arrive.
  • For international orders, you will have to pay a flat fee for every individual order. All international orders generally take between 7 to 21 business days to arrive.
  • USPS shipping is available only for orders with a Rural Route or a P.O. box address.


  1. Return policy: If you have any problem with the product, you can very easily send it back for a replacement. The company has a 30-days return policy which is very efficient.
  2. Wide range of products: The product range the company offers is quite wide so that you can buy anything from suspensions and capsules to SARM powders making it one of the best SARMs suppliers.
  3. Good pricing: The prices are different for all the products and all of those are reasonably affordable.
  4. Good customer assistance: In case you have any queries about any of the products or about your orders, you can contact them easily and get your queries answered.
  5. Excellent results: All the supplements of Science BIO work great and one can notice the clear results in a few weeks. The powdered form, liquid form and the solid form are all equally good and intense.


  1. Return fee: No returns will be accepted after 30 days
  2. Takes time for delivery: They take a lot of time to process international orders.

The verdict:

Customers are always happy with the quality of the products and the wide range of supplements that the company offers. Their customer services also play a prime role in making it one of the top and best SARMs suppliers in USA. Their pricing is very good and hence customers are always pleased with it.

Go to Science Bio Website

3. Swiss Chems

Swiss Chems is an online retailer that sells SARMs as well as other similar research chemicals. They have got SARMs capsules, liquids and tablets. They also sell SARMs powders that are packed in packets which contain 1000mg of the powder. The company seems to have all the products that come in the category of SARMs and hence they have a huge range of supplements. They are based in the United States and are undoubtedly one of the best SARMs suppliers in USA. They also have their very own set of SARMs Stacks and an example is their product named “Behomoth” which is a mix of Andarine, LGD-4033, S-4 and MK-677.

Besides SARMs, this company also has peptides such as Clenbuterol, IGF1, HCG, BPC-157 BPC-157 and ACE-031 for sale. They even sell high-quality Cialis.

Swiss Chems compounds are all intended only for laboratory research purposes. They have 6-Paradol powder, AC-262-356 powder and also Agomelatin and Adrafinil in powder forms. Other than this, they have research liquids like ACP-105 liquids and Adrafinil liquids. The company is known as one of the best SARMs suppliers as they nearly have every SARMs product, even the rare ones.

Pricing and Shipping Policy:

  1. The company has almost every SARM for sale including MK-2866, AC262-356 and Cardarine. All the liquids are approximately 40ml every bottle and its price is very reasonable.
  2. Their research capsules range from $39 to around $100. The price of liquids starts from $29. The powders are relatively cheaper and its price starts from $16.
  3. Once your order is processed, it takes around 2-6 business days for shipping and arriving at the customer’s doorstep. An email confirming that your order is shipped will be sent to you having your tracking information after your package is scanned by the courier. This process can sometimes add up to an additional working day.
  4. Umbrella Labs gives free worldwide shipping on all the orders. However, if you have to return the supplements, you will have to pay the shipping fee and a 15 percent of restocking fee.


  1. Quick customer support: Their customer support system is very quick. They say they will reply in a day and they actually do that. Also, they answer every question you want to ask quickly without any trouble or delays.
  2. High Quality: Though the range of products that this company provides is wide and the quantity is much more than that provided by the other companies, they still ensure high quality again making them one of the best SARMs suppliers in USA.
  3. Fast shipping: They almost take no time to process and ship your orders.


  1. High prices: The prices are really high for some products.
  2. Restocking fee: The restocking fee is 15 percent if you have to send a product back and that is relatively very high.

The verdict:

Swiss Chems is a really professional company that does everything in time and ensures good quality. Customers really like the results seen by using their supplements and hence the company has successfully maintained a lot of customers and clients. Also, they refund your money quickly if you apply for refunds and their return policy works great. They excel in both, quantity as well as quality.

Go to Swiss Chems Website


SARMS1 is a leading company that deals in SARMs. They have a range of research compounds and chemicals. If you are looking for some of these products for workout purposes, then SARMs offered by this company are highly recommended. They have been in the industry from seven years now and are doing very good in gyms and are popular among gym enthusiasts making it one of the best SARMs suppliers in USA. All of the products they have got to sell are in a powdered form. One can easily add it in food or water and take it orally. Their top products includes Cardarine which binds the PPAR receptors in your body and amplifies the genes which are responsible for producing energy. Ostabolic-Ostarine that helps increase the anabolic growth in the body and is mainly for those people who have suffered from certain diseases is also among their best sellers. Other top sellers include Anabolicum and Nutrobal.

Pricing and Shipping Policy:

  • The three main best sellers of the company named Cardarine, Anabolicum and Ostabolic-Ostarine are all sold for $147.99.
  • S4 also called as Andarine is sold at a price of $117.99. Another top product of SARMS1, that is Nutrobal has a price of $197.49.
  • Generally, around three to four days are taken to process and ship an order, that is around 72-100 business hours. One can expect their order to arrive in around 12 to 19 business days.


  1. Pure products: SARMS1 has been a reputed company for offering pure products that assure good results which is also a reason that it is among the best SARMs suppliers in the USA.
  2. Confidential and safe delivery: They pack all their products in a box with secure and additional padding in order to prevent any excessive agitation or damage to your supplements. This means that your order will be fresh, ready to use and absolutely safe as soon as it reaches you. They also provide a completely confidential delivery using plain and unassuming package materials. This is really good for the people who don’t want other people to know what they have ordered.
  3. Coupons and discounts: You can find good discount rates and coupons online if you search for it.
  4. Supplementary videos: Most of the products have a supplementary video that teaches you all the science of the product in question. You can hence go through those videos and then decide what SARMs you have to purchase. This ensures that you make an educated decision every time.


  1. High rates: All the products are labelled with high prices that are not quite reasonable as compared with the other suppliers.
  2. Inefficient return policy: The return policy of this company claims that they do take returns and replace it with other products, but in fact the return policy is not very efficient. You will have to wait for a while if you have to return your supplements due to some reason and that will hence take a lot of time to get the whole replacement process to be completed.

The verdict:

There are mixed reviews about the company’s products from their customers. This means that some of the products work well and some don’t. Also, their customer service assistance disappoints the customers at times but the high quality products and safe delivery makes up for it and helps it continue being among the best SARMs suppliers.


SARMS4YOU is a legit company dealing in various line-ups of products but they specialize in the category of SARMs. They stock all the most shopped products that mostly every other person is looking for. They do not sell liquids and powders. SARMS4YOU is a company that only sells SARMs capsules. Another great product that they have got is their PTC stack. This PTC stack works by increasing the levels of testosterone in your body naturally while you are not currently on a SARMs cycle. They have other supplements for cycle support which you need to take while on a cycle.

SARMS4YOU is based in Holland, Europe and is yet one the best SARMs suppliers in the USA as most SARMs stores in America are shut down and they are the ones accepting credit cards and debit cards both. They supply widely all across the USA.

Pricing and Shipping policy:

  • The price of YK-11 and SR-9009 capsules are both around $62. The Andarine capsules are a bit cheaper and are priced $55.
  • The Arachidonic acid and Cycle Support capsules cost around $28 and $39 respectively. The price of their SARM powders start from around $45.
  • They take 2 to 7 days for shipping orders that are within Europe.
  • International orders can take around 10 to 20 days for getting shipped though there is no guarantee that the package will be reached to you within the given time period only. There can be delays at times.
  • International orders are subject to an additional fee for clearing customs or other duty charges. However, there is free shipping on all orders above $135.


  1. Unadulterated and pure products: All their SARMS products are sent to the laboratory for testing and are checked for purity and the results are always good. The products they offer are high quality ones that are unadulterated and pure.
  2. Fast shipping: Though they do not guarantee fast shipping to other countries, their shipping is relatively much faster than the other companies which makes it one of the best SARMs suppliers in the USA.
  3. Easy payment: There are not many SARMs suppliers now in the USA that accepts credit card payments. SARMS4YOU however allows payment through credit and debit cards.
  4. Quick results: One can see the results after taking their supplements just within 5 days which goes on to be more effective with every passing day. The supplements offer high levels of energy, endurance and vascularity.


  1. Customer support issues: They do not have a very good customer support system hence taking a while to get your queries answered although they do reply back really quick sometimes.
  2. Customs: You need to make sure that the product you are ordering is not banned in your country. Also, for international shipping you need to pay additional fees for duty and custom charges.
  3. Returns: One can only return products that are sealed and unopened.

The verdict:

The customers using SARMS4YOU products have noticed quick and consistent results over a period of time that works great for them. Also, the SARMS4YOU discounts and coupons inspire more and more people to buy SARMs from them. Reasonable pricing and a good shipping policy has made it one of the best SARMs suppliers in the USA.

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