The 3 Best Sarms For Mass to Use in 2021

The 3 Best Sarms For Mass to Use in 2021

Last updated on July 26th, 2021 at 12:15 pm

SARMs are drugs which are similar to anabolic steroids. They are more selective and the results of these SARMs are more genuine and easier to maintain than that of anabolic steroids. Also they have negligible side effects. There are various types of SARMs with different uses. Here, we will discuss about those SARMs which are ideal to help lean muscles gain mass and also retain them.

Anabolicum (LGD-4033)

It is probably the best SARM among all the other SARMs for gaining mass. Also, it is a powerful muscle builder as can increase your gains upto 10-15 pounds in one full cycle. LGD-4033 is developed in a way that it prevents muscle wasting, enhances lean muscles to a great extent, fights cancer and helps maintaining lean tissue by making them strong. LGD-4033 is non-steroidal in nature and must be ingested orally. It also helps bind androgen receptor with a very high affinity. It also puts in exceptional anabolic effects in the muscles as well as the bones. One unique factor about LGD-4033 is that it produces therapeutic benefits of the testosterone with an improved amount of safety, tolerability as well as patient acceptance.


With all these benefits Anabolicum has no negative effects that traditional steroids cause (hair loss, acne, prostate issues, natural testosterone shutdown, testicle shrinkage, etc.). During a LGD-4033 cycle one has minimal shut down (generally none at all) but has a huge increase in size, vascularity and also strength. As the SARM has no side effects both men and women are eligible to use it without worrying about the traditional steroidal effects.

What can be expected from LGD-4033?

LGD-4033 helps one gain mass more than any other SARM. On an average one gains up to 10 pounds. This helps the lean muscles get bulky the fastest. Results are even better if one works out really hard and maintains a proper diet. The ones who are very strict with their diet and trains themselves really hard can gain up to 15 pounds of muscle mass. LGD-4033 does not helps in water retention due to which the mass gains are really dry and clean. Drugs which helps or increases water retention does nothing except saturating your muscles till a point that it makes one feel that they have gained mass. Once they stop the drug cycle the muscles get back to its original shape and mass. This happens because the muscle contain nothing but pure water. LGD-4033 on the other hand gives definite and bloat free gains.

Dosage of LGD-4033

The does of this SARM is effective with the doses being as little as 5 mg a day. But the recommended dosage is around 10 mg. During clinical trials the dosage amount has increased for over 20 mg a day, there still hasn’t been found any noticeable side effects. Hence, if an individual is fine with 10 mg then it can be increased if he wishes though exceeding 20 mg isn’t advisable.

The usual cycle length is for around 8 to 12 weeks. One the twelfth week is over the person is sure to experience diminished returns. 24 to 36 hours is usually considered to be half the life of this SARM. Thus, an individual needs to does it just once a day. You can consume it in empty stomach or after your meal.

Is Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) needed after the cycle?

Yes, one definitely needs a post cycle therapy once they end their LGD-4033 cycle. If one doesn’t do that then his natural testosterone levels will fall. Not everyone experiences it but still it is recommended to complete the cycle with a post cycle therapy as this particular SARM is known to cause more suppression than others. For PCT one can go for Nolvadex (Tamoxifen Citrate) along with Clomid (Clomiphene Citrate).

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Ibutamoren Nutrobal (MK 677)

This compound is being developed currently to fight growth hormone as well as growth factor 1 deficiencies. It can be used to cure deficiencies of people belonging to different age groups. The FDA has classified it in investigational drugs. It enhances performance of athletes and other sports person. It has reportedly given some really effective results. Many a famous personalities in the sports industry has chosen it above growth hormones. Nutrobal boosts hunger which allows you to consume a lot of calories in one is stored in our body and helps produce more energy. Thus, you gain only muscles but no fat.

What can be expected from MK 677

There are two ways to add mass to your muscles, one is by weight lifting and the second one is by consuming more calories. This SARM helps you do both. It makes one eat exactly like a beast which in turn makes one lift weights in the same way. MK 677 makes one so hungry that they can actually wake up in midnight starving.

One might think that more appetite means more fat gains and less improvement but with this SARM that’s not the case. MK 677 uses the fats as energy reserves in the body and is also fit for those who suffering from type 2 diabetes or at the verge of it. Thus, eating more won’t lead to more fat.

The way how MK 677 works is quite different. It works by adding more to an individuals own insulin growth factor-1 as well as the growth hormones. Thus, it won’t shut the hormones and won’t increase estrogen or cortisol. Apart from that it also does not increase any other muscle eating hormones which isn’t required by the body.

Dosage of MK 677

This SARM is available in the form of capsules. A dosage level of 25 mg a day is most recommendable and safe. You can break the dosage into two small doses by consuming 12.5 mg in the day and 12.5 mg at night. Most recommended duration of MK 677 is 12 weeks but you can increase it depending upon your requirements and the results.

Though the results of this SARM is dosage specific still one must cross the 25 mg level as that’s the more optimal and safe mark. Crossing the mark of the recommended dosage might give you faster results but it also risks your health. One could rather go slow with the cycle and continue for a year instead of overdosing it and complete the cycle in about 75 days.

Is PCT required after the MK 677 cycle?

This SARM is a very effective one so one usually thinks that post cycle therapy is very important but it isn’t. This is so because it does not suppress one’s natural testosterone production. Apart from that there’s no effect on the GH production too. Thus, there’s no need of any PCT.

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Ostarine (MK-2866)

Ostarine is a very popular SARM. Like any other SARM Ostarine also targets androgen receptors but does not form estrogen. Ostarine also avoids innumerable side effects which are linked to other steroids. It is popularly user to boost an individual’s muscle growth and also prevent muscle wasting which happens on using other steroids. Using Ostarine avoids some of the most unavoidable side effects caused by other steroids. It differs a lot from traditional anabolic steroids especially the way it affects one’s body is completely different than traditional steroids.

What can be expected from MK-2866?

Ostarine works in many ways. It is designed in a way that it can help patients who have diseases related muscle or bone wasting. It never affect any other muscle tissue except skeletal muscle, it can be regarded as to be one of the best treatment options for the patients.

Ostarine can help in building lean muscles. It is suitable for increasing mass as well as decreasing weight. It reduces body fat. The mass gains are also cleaner than steroids. This means that the gains are real and stays after the cycle is over unlike other steroids whose effects are gone as soon as they end their cycle. This happens because steroids increase water level in the body as they are known to retain water. This can be really frustrating. It can also make one suffer from diseases like gynecomastia.

Ostarine can avoid all the above mentioned side effects with ease. Also it is useful in muscle recovery after a really tough workout. The results will also be very effective, long lasting and easy to maintain.

Dosage of MK-2866

Ostarine can be taken both in the form of pills or solution. If one is opting for pills then he can take it twice a day. One who’s more into bodybuilding can also take three pills a day. It takes around four weeks to get some notable changes.

The product is normally used in a cycle which lasts up to 8 weeks maximum. Once the cycle gets over one should avoid the intake of all the different kinds of SARM for at least 4 weeks. Though there are no side effects still its recommended to never overdose it.

Is PCT required for MK-2866?

Ostarine usually has no side effects on ones libido or the erection quality but it can be slightly suppressive for certain individuals especially those who opt for a higher dosage than average. There maybe a slight decline in the natural testosterone levels though temporarily. Thus, it is better to go through a PCT after the Ostarine cycle.

Forging the PCT may lead to muscle loss, libido suppression, fat gain and erectile dysfunction. It may not happen too but there are chances that it could so it’s better to go through a PCT. PCT insures that they have recovered to homeostasis and can maintain their gains from the Ostarine cycle.

Thus, these are some of the most efficient and effective SARMs which can help in building lean muscles and giving them mass. These SARMs are very useful for bodybuilders who want to go for some competitions and also for those who are in the training and fitness field. It was also used by athletes but now it is banned in major sports events Olympics being one of them. There are also several laws in some countries which ban these SARMs thus before you think of using them make sure you get to know the laws of your country first.

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