S23 Review 2021: The Complete Guide to this SARM

S23 Review 2021: The Complete Guide to this SARM

Last updated on July 26th, 2021 at 12:18 pm

What is S23?

S23 is developed by a quite famous pharmaceutical company named GTX. It is the strongest SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator) to date and is known to increase muscle mass and decrease the mass of fat from the body. This means it helps our body to be healthy. The androgen receptors and S23 have an extremely strong binding affinity. It is non-steroidal in nature. It only has a tissue-selective anabolic effect which affects the muscle and bones. Also, it decreases the prostate size which is a very opposite feature to anabolic steroids. Other steroids only make the prostate size larger.

Functions of S23

  • A very popular mass builder.
  • Increases strength and endurance.
  • Fat is oxidized faster.
  • Sets off catabolism completely when in a calorie deficit.
  • Let’s melt body fat easily.
  • A notable increase in levels of muscle vascularity, dryness, and hardness
  • Has no water retention.

S23 is what you can call the improved or better version of S4 with all the same properties that S4 has in advanced form without any side effects.

S23 is another one of SARMS that has not seen all that much testing or studies as of yet. In 2009 a study was done on showing s23 could be possibly used as a male contraceptive, although it has never been proven. It has been said to have the most noticeable effects in both fat loss and muscle gains This Sarm has been most commonly compared to the anabolic steroid called Winstrol, which has similar effects of cutting fat and muscle gains. This SARM, in contraction to RAD-140 or Ligandrol, definitely needs a PCT or Post Cycle Therapy, when you are finishing cycles.

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Pro’s of S23

  • Increased muscle mass
  • Stronger bone density
  • Better pumps
  • Rapid fat loss ability
  • Works for males and females
  • Higher levels of stamina
  • Noticeable levels in male libido
  • Male contraceptive
  • Harder muscles
  • Better looking muscle definition


  • Test suppression is very similar to steroids
  • Raised hormone levels
  • Studies have found hair loss
  • Patients have noticed muscle cramping

S23 as Opposed to Other Steroids

S23 is highly observed to fall under the typical “hardener” category. This means that the majority of the DHT drugs used for bodybuilding i.e., Masteron, Proviron, Winstrol add grainy details to their body and hardens their physique up which otherwise would be unattainable. S23 comes perfectly in this category. It can be consumed in bulk but due to the drug being very strong and dry. Thus, it’s better to take small quantities of it every day. This preserves muscle mass, strength and helps reach an advanced level of muscular detail. Its results are as same as the results that one gets when one takes a high dose of Winstrol.

Dr. Tony Huge also made the same conclusion about S23. Others said it was really well when compared with huge doses of Anavar and Winstrol. It had really consistent conclusions that it was a hardener or a drying compound that made one leaner and made one’s physique look more textures.

Also, it makes you look a bit leaner than you actually are. This means that S23 makes 10% of the body fat look much more grainy and dry than 10% fat off S23. Same goes for drugs like Masteron and Winstrol. The compounds are known to have a blatant cosmetic effect. This cannot be achieved by any other kind of cosmetic. That is the reason why these compounds should be confined to cutting phrases. However, having dry and grainy muscles isn’t a great idea especially when you’re bulking up as having some water weight is essential as it helps in joint lubrication, injury prevention and so on. Also, that does not mean that S23 has no place in bulk at all, one would just reserve it for cutting themselves.

Tips on Dosage

Most studies have shown using 25mg a day has seen rapid results. More experienced patients have done studies using 50mg a day for bulking and definition also seeing great results.

Thus, one should take two doses of the compound in a day. It is suggested that one takes the first dose in the morning and the second one during the evening. If a person takes a higher dosage than one needs to then it can also burn the essential body fats. Thus, one must be very cautious while consuming it.

A Personal Experience with S23

A man tried S23 for a time period of 8 weeks i.e., 2/3 days of the week in his 12 weeks cut. The aim was to maintain lean muscles, strength, and gain the same drying out effects as other DTH compounds could generally have. The man would dose himself twice a day 10mg of S23 i.e., 20mg throughout the day.

Dosing S23 twice a day is better than dosing it at once as the half-life of S23 is 11.9 hours precisely. Thus, it’s more beneficial to split up into two doses. This helps keeping the compound maintain a stable level of itself in the blood. During the 8 week time, he noticed that the cosmetic enhancement effects were identical to the effects he would acquire from DHT compounds he would rely on. After he was done with his cut he ended up with zero side effects but hard maintained all the muscle and strength. He looked dryer which he wouldn’t, had he not used the DHT drugs. The man was on TRT, so the probable negative effects were entirely mitigated or suppressed, thus, there were no negative effects noted in the end.

The conclusion that he came to was that he would definitely use it again in the future and that it was worth being researched if one was looking for the required edge in one’s physique for bodybuilding, photoshoot or to get the best physique till date.

Is PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) Important?

Yes, it definitely is without a doubt. In fact, when it comes to SARM, this question shouldn’t even arise. This is so because even in the slightest of suppression, one always wants to recover to the state of hormonal homeostasis as soon as one can.

S23 does not only suppresses one than any other typical SARM will, but can also shut you down completely. That’s not a thing to be afraid of as “shutdown” does not necessarily mean that it will crash your endocrine system irreparably. The only thing it means is that the individual may need to go through a more rigorous and intensive PCT. That would comprise of Clomid + Nolvadex at the least.

One predominant reason why individuals prefer SARM over anabolic steroids is that it does not cause any hormonal shutdown. With S23 that’s not the case as it does shut down a person. The same has also been tested in trails. The same thing was also reversed in trails after the compound was discontinued. That’s something to be noticed if one decides to research about it in future. The man about whom we talked previously also encountered no negative suppression or side effects because along with the compound as he took doses of necessary supplements such as hormone replacement doses of Testosterone, which helped him keep his physiological function at a high level during his S23 cycle.

Medical Uses and Advantages

According to the latest scientific researches and anecdotal evidence, S23 has been proved to be the most potent SARM. Let’s discuss some of the reported benefits of using it in details.

    • It helps to build lean body mass. Even after finishing their S23 cycle one can retain ones body mass and structure.

    • One also experiences a notable increase in endurance, speed, and stamina. This implies that one can go for harder and longer workout sessions which will give results.

    • It helps to reduce body fats as it is a fat oxidizer. A study done on a rat shows that S23 increases bone mineral density and makes it stronger.

    • The compound is a typical hardener i.e., it absorbs water from the body, letting it maintain the gains they have achieved during the S23 cycle. This is why most bodybuilders use it in the cutting phase as it is most advantageous during that cycle.

    • It gives you grainy looking muscles. It isn’t something that can be achieved in conventional steroids. Thus, bodybuilders use it when they prepare for bodybuilding events and competitions.

  • It also decreases the prostate side. S23 is the only SARM which decreases the prostate size while all the other anabolic steroids increase it.

Common Side Effects

There are some common side-effects one experiences when taking S23. Let’s discuss them at length.

    • A higher level of aggression has been noticed. If an individual is believed to have a awful temper, then he must avoid it completely.

    • The testosterone also suppresses considerably. SARM S23 is the closest you can get when it comes to conventional steroids. This quality makes it more unique and also potent. Its side effects are also quite different from other SARMs. The compound decreases testosterone in the body to such a level that one needs to actually supplement it with TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) in order to get rid of this deficiency.

    • This SARM shrinks the testicles temporarily. This occurs due to the fact that S-23 decreases testosterone levels in our body instead of increasing it. The good news is that the effect is temporary and reverses once you’re done with the cycle.

  • It produces darker urine but lasts only till the cycle.

Bottom Line

With the researches and experiments done so far, SARM has been proved to be a complete powerhouse which helps you decrease your body fat and gives you a ripped and textured physique. It is safe to say that it is the only SARM that is capable of generating results as good as any other potent steroids.

It also has some unavoidable side effects but it lasts only till the cycle continues. One great downside is that it suppresses Testosterone but it can be controlled if complemented with the right supplements. All in all, it is a perfect choice to improve your physique and give it a shape.

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