RAD140 (Testolone) Review 2021: Benefits & Side Effects

RAD140 (Testolone) Review 2021: Benefits & Side Effects

Last updated on July 26th, 2021 at 12:17 pm

What is RAD140?

Testolone, as Rad140 is commonly known, is a steroid replacement designed to replicate getting strong doses of testosterone. It belongs to the group of SARM compounds. This gives the user the same desired effects as a cycle of anabolics and/or prohormones without the side effects of steroids.

This is because RAD140 is a SARM that activates the androgen receptors in tissues found in bones and muscles. As a result, more protein can be synthesized and harnessed for building muscle mass and strength for fitness exercises, bodybuilding, and sports.

As of now, it is being researched actively before it is approved for human consumption. However, fitness enthusiasts and athletes have already started using limited levels of rad140 for building muscle mass and general strength.

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Rad-140 Benefits

As said before, healthy testosterone levels are not just good for men. They are also healthy and advantageous for women. Inadequate levels of this vital hormone cause complications like insomnia, general lack of strength or fatigue, spells of erectile dysfunction, reduced sex drive, and mood swings.

The primary reason behind insufficient testosterone levels is that most people do not give much serious thought to replenishing their body hormones. As a matter of fact, in both men and women, androgen levels rise to a peak until the age of early 20s after which they start declining. Unfortunately, most people associate hormone supplements with harmful side effects and adversities.

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In its purest form, Testolone supplements can have those side effects and complications. But the product is an effectively safer alternative to that. Benefits include:

  1. enhanced speed
  2. more endurance and stamina
  3. the rapid build-up of muscle tissues
  4. orally indigestible possibly linked to defending the brain against Alzheimer’s disease
  5. treats muscle deterioration and atrophy
  6. enhances bone health and strength
  7. targets specific tissues instead of the entire biological system
Testolone is so new that there are no serious side effects that have been discovered. That being said it is still in the research and should be taken with caution.
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How Does rad140 Work?

Unlike most hormone supplements, rad140 is a non-steroidal SARM. It works positively on the androgen receptors to be found in bone and muscle tissues in the body. The structure of rad140 is such that it only activates selected receptors which can then synthesize the protein needed for bones and muscles.

Moreover, what makes it safer than taking hormones like testosterone directly is that it does not convert into other hormones which might be harmful with their side effects.

Generally speaking, Testolone is responsible for boosting the androgen receptors in bones and muscles. It is also effective in controlling the prostate vesicles and seminal vesicles. This, in consequence, improves sperm production naturally. It also boosts the work of androgen receptors in the brain for better cellular development.

Medical Uses And Advantages

There are other significant advantages of Testolone for both men and women. It is imperative to know about them in detail.

Due to diseases as complex and severe as cancer, AIDS and multiple sclerosis, muscle tissue gets deteriorated which exacerbates the symptoms of fatigue and weakness. For patients suffering from this consequence, rad140 is most effective in boosting growth and development of bone and muscle tissue.

For those, who are suffering from prostate cancer, rad140 works as an equally effective remedy. It inhibits the prostate vesicles and also improves general vitality and body weight for a faster recovery.

Bodybuilders, who might experience a lack of stamina or strength in their exercise routines, can try rad140 as a healthier alternative to steroids. This is because rad140 is a selective SARM that will boost the development and strength of their bones and muscles for enhanced strength and energy. Moreover, there are no side effects.

According to new scientific trials, the supplement is proving to be fruitful in treating breast cancer and its complex symptoms. Cells from patients suffering from AR/ER+ breast cancer have responded quite positively to rad140. The growth of malignant cancer cells has been prevented since Testolone has also blocked the side effects and complications of estrogen on tissues. Moreover, as rad140 is selective, it also inhibits the production of the protein ESR1. This prevents the onset of breast cancer.

In further trials upon rodents, rad140 was found to be working quite well against neurodegenerative diseases. This is because androgens, by default, bring down the levels of amyloid beta in brain cells. The result is that brain cells become healthier and more plastic. Thus, diseases like Alzheimer’s can be prevented from occurring in later age.

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Finally, it is also considered as a new-age solution for weight loss. This is through an indirect course of action. rad 140 improves muscle development and this itself helps to trim down the excess body fat. Thus, while testolone might not be actively responsible for weight loss and management, its properties of enhancing muscle growth and development can be considered as practically effective in substantial weight loss.

Specific Advantage For Women

Hormones like testosterone are recommended for use to women as well. But they create side effects like excessive facial and body hair and other physical signs of masculinity. Even sexual attributes and fertility are affected adversely. Since testolone does not convert into testosterone, women can use it safely to improve their health, immunity, temperament and sexual functioning.

Specific Advantages For Athletes

For those, who wish to build up sufficient strength and stamina for athletics and sports, there are some specific advantages of using it.

  • Athletes can build lean muscle mass

  • They can lose excess body fat

  • They can boost their energy and stamina levels

  • Their sexual function will improve

  • There will be better recovery and repair of muscle

  • There will be reduced insomnia and overall better mood

Is It Better Than Testosterone Treatments?

For anyone, who is suffering from shortages of testosterone, replacement treatments like creams and supplements are recommended. But testolone is even better than those conventional options for the following reasons.

  • Creams and skin lotions can cause side effects like rashes and infections. This does not happen with testolone supplements which are safe and neutral on skin.

  • Injections of testosterone can cause problems like infections, abscesses, scarred tissue. There is no such problem with an injection.

  • Testosterone supplements are capable of causing hair loss. It will, on the other hand, make your hair stronger and more long-lasting.

  • Testosterone supplements can cause more aggressive behavior and even mood swings. This will never be the case with testolone supplements.

  • Testosterone medicines are capable of causing the insufferable problem of enlarged prostate in men. This will certainly not happen when you are taking the sarm.

  • After a time, excess testosterone converts into excessive levels of estrogen which can only create further health issues like retention of water, bloating and high blood pressure levels.

  • Even the pituitary glands are affected by the testosterone supplements. Rad140 will never cause this problem in the human body.

These are some of the reasons why testolone is better than testosterone and even other traditional treatments for low levels of androgens.

Side Effects

Since the sarm does not convert into any new hormones when introduced in the human body, it does not have any of the major side effects with which hormonal injections are normally associated. This is also because it is highly selective in its action and this makes it a safer alternative to taking too much of testosterone which can be quite harmful.

However, on its own, testolone is not completely free of side effects. Some of the major side effects to be noted are as follows:

  • Unnatural protrusion of breasts in men

  • Abnormal growth of body hair in women

  • Fluctuating levels of sex drive

  • Baldness or loss of hair in men

  • Severe depression, anxiety, and mood swings

  • Spells of vomiting and nausea

It should also be noted that these are side effects caused by any additional introduction of hormones in the body. Since the testosterone levels are affected by it, the product can be problematic in these aspects. But compared to hormonal injections and steroids, these problems are milder and even more manageable.

Tips On Dosage

Since research is ongoing on rad140, there is still no definite verdict on what would be the most suitable dosage of testolone. However, doctors and experts agree that a daily dose of 20-30 mg would be ideal for both men and women.

In the case of bodybuilders, who have to build muscle mass, there is a Post Cycle Therapy schedule to be adhered to. For about 8 to 12 weeks, bodybuilders might use testolone. After completing this cycle, their intake of the same will stop so that the hormone levels in their body are restored naturally to their perfect balance. This period of recovery is known as Post Cycle Therapy.

The duration of the Post Cycle Therapy is to be decided as per the duration of the dosage itself. If testolone has been taken regularly for two weeks, the Post Cycle Therapy will last for the same period. After that, a new cycle of dosage will commence and so on.


Even with all the information available on rad140, it would be still advised to all to consult doctors, dieticians, and fitness experts. They would know best about Testolone and how it can be used to one’s advantage.

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