LGD 3303 Review 2021: Benefits & Side Effects Explained

Last updated on July 26th, 2021 at 12:15 pm

About Lgd 3303

LGD 3033 is one of a kind and new in the world of SARMs (selective androgen receptor modulators). It is primarily developed to prevent osteoporosis, muscle wasting and enhance the growth of lean muscle and maintain the strength of the lean tissue. It was originally manufactured by Ligand Pharmaceuticals which binds itself androgen receptors and enhances the overall strength of the body. It is used as supplements, which will almost all the testosterone requirements. Let us know more about it in the below sections.

lgd 3033 benefits

There are a few other SARMS with less information on them. Such as LGD 3303 which has been as seen and talked about as the big brother to LGD-4033. A lot of similar results as its little brother with a few more perks was seen in more advanced patients. This product was shown to have a massive gain in pump while keeping crazy levels of stamina allowing patients to have a longer stronger ability with far less effort than before. This SARM is strong and should be used with a proper calorie balanced diet.

What is LGD 3033?

LGD 3033 is undoubtedly the best SARM known for increasing lean muscle, treating osteoporosis. It is the strongest anabolic substance which shows results much faster as compared to other substances even if you take it for a short period of time. It is used for bulking and at the same time, it makes sure that you stay ripped. It is a non-steroidal SARM and can be ingested orally. It comes in the top lists of SARMs in terms of size and gaining strength. It effects in muscle and bone strength, resulting in a large increase in muscle size. LGD 3033 is full agonist on muscle and partial on the prostate. It is a type of drug which helps to regulate the symptoms of osteoporosis and also assist in the treatment of the chronic condition. It helps the people to gain mass and cutting. It binds itself with high-affinity, and after this, it exerts anabolic effects in muscles and bones which results in overall strength. The most wonderful thing about this SARM that you will have a steady weight gain for the regular twelve weeks, the best for the people who want on-going results. This supplement is a good way to kick-start your day.

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How does LGD 3033 Work?

It is developed to address a range of conditions with best results. It is well-known for its capability to maintain the effect of androgens on increasing muscle mass and bone strength with very minimum side effects. It can be injected into the bloodstream or also taken orally. One can easily notice the change in shape and size of your muscles in the duration of taking the supplement. It helps in fat loss while contributing in the muscle gain as well. It is undoubtedly the best SARM if your aim is muscle gain. You can certainly gain lean muscles with the help of this supplement.

muscle lgd 3033

LGD 3033 increases the retention of nitrogen, also facilitating water retention, all of these functions results in better muscle gain. The changes will not disappear soon after you complete the course of your supplement. LGD 3033 is called selective because a human body contains many cells and it only affects the part which it is developed that is only muscle cells, which is the main reason that bodybuilders and fitness experts prefer it more. It is recommended to take this drug orally or in the form of capsules taken with a liquid like juice or water. The reason why you should avoid injecting in your bloodstream is that then it becomes difficult to maintain the dosage.

Advantages of LGD 3033

There are many significant advantages of LGD 3033 which you will get to know in the following section in detail.

It offers effective androgenic action without affecting any androgenic organ in your body. There are very minimal side effects of using it as a supplement as compared to steroids.

It is effective in increasing bone and muscle strength of the people who suffer from some particular disease like cancer. For those who suffer from prostate cancer, it works for them as well in increasing the strength and ability to regain their normal health condition.

It is one of the best supplements for bodybuilders who want to gain muscle and strength because of lack of the stamina and strength. It is healthier than the steroids that is the reason it is preferred than the steroids. There are no side effects while using it as a bodybuilding supplement.

It was originally manufactured to prevent muscle wasting, while several research and studies have shown that it improves muscle growth and provides strength.

It has been observed that it increases the bone mineral density in male rats as well as female rats. LGD 3033 has been specifically used in the past days because especially advantageous in osteoporosis, it is also beneficial for improving bone density and bone strength which reduces the risk of fractures.

It is also observed that this compound increases the metabolic mechanism of your body. People who want to reduce body fat can use LGD 3033 and see the results. It is effective in achieving a fat loss goal. Stacking this drug with any other SARM is equally effective and results can be achieved through it.

It is a newcomer so it is known as the new-age solution for muscle gain. It helps in muscle development and rips down the excess body fat.

It also proves to be useful for athletes as they can build lean muscle mass by taking it and notice the results within a few weeks. It increases the rate of fat-oxidation and known for bulking and cutting. There will be better recovery and repair of muscles and it also boosts your energy. It is a highly recommended supplement for overall use.

Side effects

LGD is a suppressive drug, it a drug that usually makes an individual dependent on it, that is the biggest side effect of it. It increases libido in your body while being borderline shutdown on a specific SARM, because it replaces the physiological function in the body in the absence of testosterone production.

Now the most important question arises that Is PCT needed?

Several types of research have been conducted which have shown that LGD delivers androgenic effect, though it does not affect any androgenic organ in your body. This ultimately means that it does not affect the production of testosterone in the body and therefore, PCT is not needed. SARMs like LGD 3033 do not have any long-term side effect.

Now the question is that can women use this drug?

The main thing I would recall that it’s not a hormone and also, it’s a non-steroidal drug so women can use it because it does not affect the androgenic organs in the body. It’s quite safe for women and there is no risk of virilization.

Post Cycle Therapy

For the audience who don’t know about post cycle therapy, let me tell you that the period of recovery is known as a post cycle. The duration of post cycle therapy is to be decided as the dosage consumed. It is the most effective than any other SARM, LGD causes a substantial change in how much testosterone is secreted every day. It is possible that there can be a substantial effect in the testosterone production; therefore you need a post cycle therapy. When you complete the course, start a post cycle therapy to restore the level of testosterone production. The testosterone secretion can be restored naturally but it may take a long time, therefore, a post cycle therapy is recommended. The half-life of this drug is 12 hours till date.

Pros of LGD 3033

  • Less water retention unlike its little brother
  • Proven fat burner
  • Can be used in long cycles
  • Loads of stamina while the patient is using
  • Holds muscles pump
  • Has in so far studies seen to be the strongest of all the SARMS
  • Harder muscles
  • Fat burner
  • Lean muscle gains
  • Can be used for bulking with a high-calorie diet

Cons of LGD 3033

  • In high dosages, some patients have noticed a little bit of testosterone suppression
  • PCT cycle recommended


The results and benefits depend on the dosages you take, as the half-life of LGD 3033 is 12 hours so one is recommended to take the dose as twice per day. Below are the dosages you must take when you are on different periods like bulking, cutting, and recomping.

Bulking: As we have observed that LGD 3033 has adverse effects on muscle gain, so it is recommended to take a dosage of 20mg – 30 mg/day, twice a day to get best results.

Cutting: A dose of 15mg to 20 mg, for a cycle of 6 to 8 weeks is recommended because research is still going on the drug.

Recomping: The dosage for bulking can also work well when you are recomping, that is 20mg to 30 mg per day and twice a day with a cycle of around 8-10 weeks.

Excess of everything is bad so keep a check on the daily dosage to get the best results. You can notice the results in the on-going course but it is advised to have patience until the full cycle is completed.


LGD 3033 is safe and the most preferred SARM, especially, for bodybuilders and fitness experts. The benefits depend on the dosage you consume and how you consume. This product has many long-term results and there are many reasons why you should start with it. You can buy this product from online stores and also, you can get a discount offer when you buy it in bulk. It is not a banned supplement therefore, you will not break any law so don’t worry and kick start your day with this compound. This article will surely help you but even with all the information, it is advised to consult the doctor and dieticians as they know the best of this substance as they know better how to take the most of the benefit from it.

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