Geo Peptides Reviewed: Pro’s & Con’s of this company

Geo Peptides Reviewed: Pro’s & Con’s of this company

An overview of Geo Peptides

Top laboratories around the world are conducting relentless research to discover the potential of a range of biochemical, including SARMs and Peptides.

However, researchers are not the only ones interested in these chemical compounds. Athletes and bodybuilders have discovered that most of these substances, although subjects of ongoing research, can be used for physical and performance enhancement. Peptide and SARMs make excellent alternatives to steroids and other chemical compounds that may cause complications in the future.

The main concern, however, is, how easy is it for you to tell apart a legitimate supplier from a peddler of sham products?

Like any other product, you must purchase SARMs and Peptides from a reputable vendor. During your research, you will realize that the majority of the vendors are inconsistent when it comes to their products’ quality. 

Unfortunately, if you fail to work with a legit supplier;

  • You may end up with an underdosed product
  • You may receive other substances instead of Peptides or SARMs
  • You may never receive your shipment after paying for your order

This article takes an in-depth view of Geo Peptides, a supplier of Peptides and SARMs, among other research chemicals. Eventually, you’ll be equipped to tell whether or not this company is an excellent vendor from which to buy.

Geo Peptides Overview

Geo Peptides is a company based in the United States of America. Apart from selling SARMs and peptides, the company also deals in other extras such as medical equipment.

Some of the equipment it sells includes

  • Waterproof gel cushions
  • Knee Braces
  • Canes
  • Wheelchairs
  • Walkers

This company has been in the scene for a considerable period, supplying the same products.

By its officials’ reckoning, Geo Peptides claims on its Homepage that it is a leader in its market space. However, one can only wonder, how credible are these claims? Leaving no stone unturned, I sought the facts surrounding this supplier using a unique criterion to scrutinize all aspects of the organization.

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Product Quality & Assortment

Geo Peptides appear to have high-quality products. This is primarily because their products have been subjected to rigorous third-party testing. The icing on the cake is that the company publishes the examination report of each item on the product page.

The vendor claims a purity of 98.6% for most of their research compounds. If there’s any trace of truth, the figure puts them in the top tier of the market and also adds to the products’ legitimacy.

When it comes to product assortment, this company seems to have done an excellent job of providing an extensive array of Peptide compounds.

Most of the SARMs are available in 30 ml or 60 ml tubs. All their products are in liquid form, which makes them accessible to all users. However, liquid SARMs and Peptides may be inconveniencing for advanced users as they prefer powders or capsules.

It is somewhat surprising that a company that claims to be an industry leader only has its products in one form. Another shortcoming of Geo Peptides is that it does not have ultra-high SAMs concentrations in its inventory.

Disclaimer: If you are looking to buy SARMs from Geo Peptides, you must know the particular one you want. Otherwise, the chances of ending up with the wrong SARM are quite high.

It is not too surprising that this company is somewhat reserved when it comes to providing detailed information about the products in their inventory. What’s more, any such request or inquiry is likely to be met with an empty silence, or the stock response that as a qualified researcher, you ought to know better about what you want from a particular product.

There are two ways to look at this vagueness. Firstly, it can be attributed to an utter disregard for providing adequate product information to the customer. Secondly, it can be perceived as an attempt to avoid breaking the regulation that restricts the products for use to research purposes. SARMs and Peptides are categorized as ‘research chemicals’ and are not to be used by humans or animals.

With that said, this company provides minimal and general information regarding the purity and availability of the research compounds. However, they have an FAQs section that addresses some of these questions. These act as an informational resource that can be useful, especially to beginners.

Geo Peptides Pricing

Geo Peptide’s prices are somewhat on the higher side. This is particularly the case when it comes to SARMs. Well, high prices aren’t necessarily a turnoff, as they may indicate premium quality. However, you could still get more reasonably priced, high-quality products that are also tested by accredited laboratories from other vendors.

The following are some of the payment methods that Geo Peptides accepts.

  • Major credit cards (Discovery, VISA, MasterCard)
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Cash or Apple Pay
  • Cash App/Square App
  • Venmo
  • Pay by Check
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Wire Transfer
  • Chase Quick Pay/ Zelle

Geo Peptides Customer Support

In today’s social media world, very few companies can dare overlook the issue of customer support. Therefore, it is quite surprising when you come across a self-proclaimed industry leader in Geo Peptides that providing a hasn’t done the needful when it comes to delivering a customer service system worth mentioning.

Firstly, and most disappointingly, an attempt to click on the company’s customer support webpage yields a 404 Not Found Page error. This can be quite unsettling for a potential customer, mainly if you’re accustomed to more responsive customer support, not to mention if you have some pressing concerns about a purchase or something of the sort.

In some instances, a chatbox may appear instead of customer support. Well, it would be better if the concerns one had could be addressed from the chat. Unfortunately, you may find yourself waiting for too long before you can get to chat with a real person as the conversation is usually rife with auto-generated messages.

Word of advice to Geo Peptides: If your customer support is not available around the clock, please stop advertising it as such.

Finally, do not forget that as mentioned earlier on, the customer service will not answer any queries about any of their products.

Geo Peptides Website Usability

First impressions matter a lot. Isn’t it obvious already? One of the first thing that will greet you when you log on to this company’s official website is how cluttered it is. Here’s a rule of thumb; a website that is ‘too busy’ detracts from the actual product.

Not to get into website analytics, but the site’s formatting is poorly done. It contains text boxes that cut things weirdly and features a mismatched font that makes it impossible to differentiate an ad from the products on the company’s catalog. What’s more, the typos littering the various pages are enough to make you never to want to visit their website ever again.

Think about it this way. We are in the golden era of information, and technology advancement is at its peak. As such, with a small investment, a company can acquire a decent site that organizes its data correctly. Therefore, a company that is supposed to be an industry leader has no business using a website that is full of clutter and generally sloppy.

Ask yourself, if the company is willing to compromise on their website usability, which is equivalent to their shop, what more do they disregard?

Overall, the Geo Peptides official website is very unprofessional and is quite tricky to navigate, making it a nightmare for potential customers.

Geo Peptides Shipping

This company ships its products on the same day as long as all orders are made before 12 pm EST from Monday through Friday. The organization has no weekend or holiday activity. As soon as your package is dispatched, a tracking number will appear on your Geo Peptides account.

Sometimes, you may fail to receive the tracking number, as it may have wound up in your email’s spam folder. Additionally, you may want to wait for at least 48 hours after confirming your purchase before checking its status on the company’s website.

If you are shipping from the US or Canada, three shipping options are at your disposal.

  • USPS Priority Mail- delivery time of 2-4 days
  • USPS Express Mail- takes one to two business days
  • USPS International Canada Express- takes five to seven business days

Geo Peptides Returns Policy

Before the company can allow you to return a product they’ve already sold to you, some conditions must hold.

You are eligible for return if:

  • The wrong product was shipped to you
  • The product was damaged in transit
  • You have not opened the item

If your case meets the above circumstances, you can get a full refund, although it will be the net of the shipping costs, which you will have to cater personally.

Final Thoughts

Geo Peptides is a company that primarily sells peptides, with SARMs as a secondary product line. Well, the company stocks some high-quality SARMs, although peptides remain dominant.

On the flip side, they have a poorly designed site, numerous negative customer reviews, do not sell powders or capsules (SARMs), charges exorbitant prices, and have a narrow assortment of SARMs.

Overall, if you are looking for a reliable vendor for your peptides and SARMs, Geo Peptides may come a little short of your expectations.

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