Complete RAD 150 Review : Pro’s & Con’s

Last updated on July 26th, 2021 at 12:15 pm

What is Rad 150?

The scientific community has been forced to make the adjustments necessary for SARM development. This encompasses the revaluations made by scientific chemists regarding maximizing potency, half-life, biodistribution and tissue selectivity. The idea is the minimization of adverse side effects. SARM research first began approximately 30 years ago and is still being conducted.

Modern research has the advantages provided by new technology combined with pharmacological breakthroughs from the past. This research eventually resulted in the development of an esterized compound called RAD 140. This was a breakthrough in the scientific community because the effects lasted for a maximum of 48 hours. The product was used mostly by bodybuilders, weight lifters and amateur and professional athletes.

The result was an increase in both strength and muscle mass. The anabolic nature of RAD 140 contains more anabolic properties than testosterone. The difference between testosterone and this compound is there are no androgenic side effects with RAD 140. This effectively eliminated the possibility of negative aggression, spots and male pattern baldness.

RAD or TLB 40 was an extremely important discovery for muscle builders. The compound represented a major advance in the scientific world of strength and muscle building. At the same time, the nutrients contained in the compound contributed to a leaner physique. The reason all of this is important is that it led to the discovery of RAD 150.

RAD 150 is a member of a compound class referred to as anabolic esters because of the esterification taking place during chemical synthesis. In the past, the scientific community pursued testosterone esterification to enable stabler levels of serum testosterone. All of the information obtained through this research is now being used by synthetic chemists for researching and developing SARMS.

The current goals are very similar to those of the past. The development of more durable and stable SARM levels. As each ester was developed, the half-life of the previous ester has been improved. This means more stability was achieved than with any of the non-esterified testosterone with an extremely short half-life between just 1 and 100 minutes.

Medical Background of RAD 150

The molecule’s actual name is TLB 150 but the result of the evolution was RAD 140. Radius Health Inc. is responsible for the initial development of the chemical semblance required for the formulation of the structure. The official name of the new compound is RAD 150. Advanced SARMs research and continual development were required to maximize the biodistribution, bioavailability and potency of the product.

The tissue selectivity was also important factors for minimizing the potential for any adverse side effects from RAD 150. The result is esterification created for the improvement of absorption duration. The absorption of the compound lasts for a longer period of time than any of the predecessors. Years of drug optimization were necessary for the creation of RAD 150.

RAD 150 is now considered one of the most promising SARMS with an extremely high demand. The new product is the result of the exciting new path chosen by the scientific community including dosage optimization.


RAD 150 offers users a wide range of benefits including:

  • More anabolic in comparison to testosterone
  • The compound is great for bulking cycles
  • Promotes rapid recovery of the muscles
  • Increases muscle mass while decreasing fat
  • The ration of anabolic to androgenic is 90:1
  • Much safer option to anabolic steroids
  • Improves both sexual performance and libido
  • Ideal for enhancing the composition of the body
  • RAD 150 is an excellent addition to the prohormone cycle
  • No androgenic side effects including male pattern baldness

RAD 150 improves performance, endurance and speed while working out. The product also increases muscle gains in less time. The actual effects of RAD 150 are very similar to testosterone. The difference is there is no negative impact on the body. This is the reason so many people consider it a much healthier alternative. RAD 150 has shown a similar effect on the development of muscles as higher testosterone doses.

The way the product is prepared offers a beneficial impact on the regeneration of the user’s body. When the dosage used is 4mg each day, the beneficial results include increasing the body’s anabolic processes and an improvement in both the quality and density of the muscles. A lot of athletes are using RAD 150 for benefits to their physique, improvements in body efficiency and increased endurance and muscle strength.

All of these attributes are especially important for athletes. The product is also an ideal option for individuals undertaking heavy phases of training. The compound enables the individual to see constant progress and optimal regeneration of the body with no hindrance.

Recommended Dosage

The recommended dosage is between two and three capsules each day. The dosages should be split several times throughout the course of the day. The dosage should not be taken with a meal. Once the cycle is complete, the recommendation is to use an appropriate PCT product.

Side Effects

There are no side effects linked to testosterone from RAD 150 including a negative impact on any internal organs or the prostate. The body does not store the compound in DHT form. This decreases numerous risks such as hair loss. One of the most common side effects when dosing with this compound is high aromatizing activity. The result is the body obtaining an extremely high level of Estradiol.

In some cases, this can lead to the development of gynecomastia, a decrease in muscle definition or excessive water retention. None of these issues are exacerbated by the use of this compound in any way. The compound does not have any toxic effects potentially impacting the liver.

The Bottom Line

The scientific community conducted pharmacological optimization for many years before RAD 150 could be created. The product has since become one of the most highly sought after and popular SARMs currently available. This has resulted in a lot of excitement for muscle builders, weight lifters and athletes due to the benefits including quicker muscle growth, and improved endurance, speed and performance.

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