Bluesky Peptides Reviewed: Is this a trustworthy vendor?

Bluesky Peptides Reviewed: Is this a trustworthy vendor?

Last updated on July 26th, 2021 at 12:16 pm

Introduction to Bluesky Peptides

Peptides are primarily used to help expedite the healing and recovery of ligaments and tendons. When buying peptides, you must ensure that you get original and high-quality products, among other qualities. With a high-quality product, you can be assured of maximum results, but if the substance is under dosed or contaminated, you may experience minimal to no effects at all.

The online scene is rife with numerous vendors, although only a handful of them provide high-quality peptides.

When it comes to Bluesky Peptides, this company is known as one of the most renowned peptide vendors online. However, are their products worth using?

Well, you need not look any further for the answers. The following is the complete lowdown on Bluesky Peptides; you should not buy any product from them before reading this review.

Bluesky Peptides Overview

Bluesky Peptides is no newcomer to the industry. Over the years, the supplier’s market share has grown significantly, owing to their low prices.

However, expert opinion has it that their cheap products directly compromise on quality. Anyway, this supplier claims that its products are unfit for human use as it aims to sell to laboratories and research facilities across the United States.

Bluesky Peptides offers an extensive array of products, including more than 17 research liquids and more than 26 peptides.

Admittedly, ordering a product from this supplier’s website is affordable, fast, and convenient. For each dollar spent on any of its products, the company offers 5% back.  What’s more, the vendor rewards its customers by sharing its merchandise.

When it comes to the company’s website usability, there are mixed reviews, although 60% of the users are satisfied with their experience.

Product Quality

The human body has an intricate system that contributes to the healing of ligaments and tendons after an injury. However, if you want a substance that will enhance this process, you must get a product of superior quality.

Bluesky Peptides purport to sell the finest quality peptides available in the market. Where have you heard that before? It is all good if a company sells high-quality products. However, one thing has remained true since the time of our ancestors; if its high quality, it isn’t going to be cheap. Then, it becomes alarming if a company that claims to sell the most top quality peptides in the market also happens to offer the lowest prices in the market, and by a significant margin from the nearest competitor.

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Take this, for instance. For most of the products sold by Bluesky Peptides, you are eligible for a buy one, get one free discount. So, for a product like GHRP, you can get two 5mg bottles at the price of one, which costs $15. Honestly, that is ridiculously low by any vendors’ standards. Up to this juncture, it is merely speculation about the product’s quality. In reality, how is it?

Well, on each product page, you’ll come across a product’s specifications, which include purity as well. Ideally, you want the purity of any peptide to be at least 98%.

For instance, take BPC-157, one of the most popular peptides in the industry. On its product page, the vendor claims that BPC-157 is 98.99% pure. The best part about it is that there are HPLC documents attached to each product. Unfortunately, if you check the report for BPC-157, you will realize that there isn’t any company mentioned on the report as the third-party that tested for the purity of the products.

That is very strange (another red flag).

At the least, the vendor should provide a certificate of analysis, especially with its claims of selling the highest quality peptides. The fact that this vendor avails a third party report containing zero company information is highly unprofessional and makes the supplier dubious.

Anyway, I could be wrong. Let’s see what other buyers have to say about Bluesky Peptides in the User Reviews.

Bluesky Peptides User Reviews

As you may know, we highly advocate for reading user reviews. When you go through a company’s reviews, both on their website and in other online platforms, you can easily tell the quality of its products, especially when it comes to peptides and SARMs.

Well, when it comes to Bluesky peptides user reviews, the feedback was disappointing. Not to take anything away from the peptide supplier, they had a fair share of satisfied customers, although the majority of the users were unimpressed with the company as a whole.

Well, if Bluesky peptides offer legitimate products, the least they should do is provide proof of independence testing. There is one customer who claims that he messaged the company about the certificate of examination but never got a reply. This gives the impression that products from Bluesky peptides are not tested before selling.

Additionally, you’ll also pick up from the user reviews that this company’s merchandise is heavily underdosed. One client on a particular forum decided to roll the dice on Bluesky. Given that he could get two bottles at the price of one, he figured that if the products were under dosed, he’d have two vials anyway, which would amount to the same. Unfortunately, he was wrong.

Anyway, these are merely online reviews, and one can only be sure if they test the products personally. However, there are too many negative reviews about Bluesky Peptides. You won’t be wrong to say that there are matters about the vendor that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Bluesky Peptides Rewards Program

Despite all the negative reviews about the peptide supplier, there are several aspects where you may give them a thumbs up. Bluesky Peptides has a rewards program that allows customers to earn points for each purchase they make. The points can be redeemed for a certain amount of cash to be used for purchases on the company’s official website.

There are various ways through which you can earn BSP points. For every dollar you spend on Bluesky products, you receive one point. As you gain more points, you will be eligible for more discounts for future purchases. You can choose to use the points on your next purchase or save them for a more considerable discount.

Other ways through which you can earn BSP points include:

  • You will earn 100 bonus points for creating an account with Bluesky
  • Customers earn 25 bonus points for signing up for the company’s newsletter

What’s more, for every 500 bonus points, you receive $25 off your purchase. This means that with 2000 points, you get $100 shaved from the total cost of your order. You can only redeem a maximum of 2000 points for each order. However, the bonus points are not discounted for bulk purchases.

The bonus points expire after one year.

Bluesky Peptides Shipping

When you place an order at Bluesky Peptides, your package is shipped via USPS with confirmed delivery. According to the company’s website, the purchase is dispatched on the same day the order was cleared, although the time when the order was placed remains crucial.

For instance, only orders placed before 12 pm EST excluding weekends and holidays are shipped on the same day. However, orders placed after 12 pm EST are shipped the next business day.

As soon as your shipping label is generated, you will receive your tracking information. What’s more, you will also be notified if a particular product is out of stock and may cause a delay in shipping.

The following are the respective costs for domestic shipping (within the USA).

  • USPS First Class costs $4
  • USPS Priority costs $9.99
  • USPS Express $24.99

Bluesky Peptides also offers a Free USPS Priority Shipping provision for domestic orders exceeding $99 before discounts.

Bluesky Return Policy

A company’s return policy speaks volume about the amount of trust the vendor has in its products. It is easier to trust a supplier offering a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee than one without a specific return policy.

Well, Bluesky Peptides does not guarantee or make any claims regarding the outcome of your research with their products. Clearly, this is a company that does not endorse their product.

What’s more, this company does not accept products that have been tampered with, as mishandled products pose the potential for degradation. However, if you are unsatisfied with your purchase, you may return it within 30 days of buying it. You can also return a product if you receive the wrong shipment or if your package is missing an item.

Final Thoughts

And now for the last thought. When buying peptides, product quality is the most crucial factor that you should consider. Even if a company has the best customer service and shipping policies, they mean nothing if the products they sell are bunk.

What better way to prove that you offer quality products than by publishing lab results and providing the company information for the independent third party that tested the products? While no user has complained of adverse side effects, there is a significant number of customers who have stated that Bluesky Peptide products are underdosed and ineffective.

Overall, you want your tendons and ligaments to heal and recover faster. Then what’s the point in using ineffective products? Food for thought.

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